A grape vine and one of our roses.

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Great Valley Vineyards was founded in 2012 with big dreams and high ambitions. At this point in time, Great Valley Vineyards is more of a project with hopes of becoming a full planted vineyard in 2016 or 2017.

Today, Great Valley is in the process of growing its vine stock. By purchasing vines and propagating canes, the vineyard Owners wish to slowly expand and then produce wine. One of the first goals is to purchase a parcel of land. The acquisition of land is part of the Vineyard's five year outlook. Until the land become available, the Vineyard will maintain its current course of leadership and direction. Through prayers and dedication the goal of producing wine will finally be realized.

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Fall 2015 - The third vintage is shaping up nicely. The summer of 2015 was notably dry, save for a few large rainstorms. The dry weather will make this wine taste sweeter, similar to California wines. The vintage for 2015 is a blend of 60% catawba, 40% concord.

At our New Jersey vineyard, the two year old cabernet sauvignon vines will be ready to produce fruit for the summer of 2016.

Winter 2014 - Our second vintage is looking good and I know it will turn out better then the first! The catawba is turning a beautiful clear rose color. We hope to drink it soon.

Summer 2014 - The second crop of grapes is coming along nicely! We are anticipating double last year's yield. Our 2013 vintage, Catawba Red, is ageing and should be ready for consumption by August 2014. We plan to wait a bit, possibly September, to pop the cork on our first wine.

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